Friday, April 1, 2016

Three Years Later...

I'm still occasionally (passively) dropping links to this site (in forum signatures in a few places), so I figured I'd write a short post to explain why there haven't been any posts.
Microsoft officially terminated XBLIG last year, and it is in the process of grinding to a halt.  Though disappointing to me, I think it was a reasonable move.  They want to distance themselves from further Xbox360 support, push more people to Xbone, and improve their general implied guarantee of game quality with the much-more-stringent ID@XBOX program.

That said, I've heard MS have recently decided to freely distribute the means to put an off-the-shelf consumer Xbone into development mode for Windows Universal Apps, so if I ever take the Win10 plunge (unlikely, but maybe I'll get bored some day...I did, after all, sign up for a chance at a HoloLens dev kit), perhaps I'll revisit the Xbox development effort.

At any rate, until then, my efforts are devoted elsewhere.  At the moment (Apr 2016), a DIY quadcopter project that I may post about over on my other blog (read: my other equally-rarely-updated blog).

Anybody out there actually reading, thanks!  Click ads.

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